Installing Retrospect Client on Linux Servers

Retrospect is a popular backup solution used by many large organizations, similar in functionality to Semantec Backup Exec.
The main application is designed for Windows Server operating systems and includes clients for Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Solaris and Netware.

These instructions are written for CentOS 5 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (not tested on Fedora)

Step One (the easy bit)

Navigate through the Retrospect CD into Clients>Linux and look for the  .rpm file. Install it as you would any .rpm package.

Step Two

Open a terminal and type:

cd /usr/local/dantz/client

Confirm you are in the right folder by typing:

dir -l

You should see a file called

Install it by typing:


Enter a password for the client when prompted (this will need to be entered on the Retrospect server to authenticate with the client) the default options and you should get a message at the end saying that the client has been installed is is running. You can check that it is running by looking for ‘retroclient’ in the process list in System Monitor.

The client (by default) uses port 497, so you will need to ensure that this is open before attempting to configure any scripts on the server.


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