How To Install Dropbox In OpenSUSE 12.1

Dropbox is great for providing Linux support, but they can’t support all of the distributions out there.

If you want to install Dropbox in OpenSUSE 12.1 and are using GNOME 3, type the 3 commands below into a terminal (you will need to use sudo if you are not root).


zypper ar -f

openSUSE:/Factory:/Contrib/openSUSE_12.1/ contrib

zypper in dropbox nautilus-dropbox

dropbox start -i


You will see the following instruction in the terminal window:


To link this computer to a dropbox account, visit the following url:


If it does not show run the ‘dropbox start -i’ command again.


The Dropbox website will open. Authenticate and you’re ready to go!


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