How To Write With A Day Job

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You have a problem.  You know you do.  If you don’t know it, maybe you suspect it.  Or maybe you have no idea, and this is the first you’ve ever heard of it.  Read on for a paragraph or two and you’ll realize it and think, “Oh shit, I have a problem.  F*** you for telling me.”

If you’re reading this post you probably write in your free time.  If you don’t write you probably have another hobby that you work on late at night, something you wish you could turn into a career. 

And you probably also have a day job.

I do too.  I work at a consulting firm in DC.  I leave every morning at 7am and get home every evening at 6:30pm.  If I’m going to get 8 hours of sleep I need to go to bed at 11pm.

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7 Tips to Kickstart your Day in Front of the Computer

There are few things as important as getting a great start to the day and being able to approach the rest of our waking hours with energy and enthusiasm, but people can often find it quite difficult to get into this frame of mind. This can be especially tough if you need to be creative that morning!

Here are my top 7 tips to help you get geared up when your alarm starts to ring.

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